Hon Chemistry 8-25-11 Derived Units

HONORS CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s a pic of high density koi that I saw in Hawaii (at the Dole Pineapple Plantation, of all places!). So do you feel comfortable with the derived units/formulas that we discussed? Here’s the lecture from Thursday. Be sure and practice the density problems and let me know Monday how you’re doing with them. Let’s see if you can do some practical things with density tomorrow!

Chemistry 8-25-11 SI Measurements

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, so is all the info on SI measurements starting to come back to you? Here’s the lecture from Thursday. I’m sure it’s mostly review from your physical science days, but it’s a great opportunity to refresh what you’ve learned and to get ready to begin using it! We’ll do derived units tomorrow. And just in case I didn’t tell you, great job on your safety projects!!

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Physics 8-24-11 Human Density Lab

PHYSICS: Great job guys – who knew water displacement could be so much fun! 😉 Thanks Kamren and Matt!! Good job moppers, and fillers, and counters, and recorders! Now for the lab report. Remember to include that final question in your conclusion – “So why can’t some humans float?” And don’t forget – I’m very, very interested in your experimental design, i. e., how’d you gather your data, how are you presenting your data, sig figs, calculations, etc. Water, water, everywhere!

Hon Chemistry 8-23-11 SI Measurements

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, great job on the Oobleck lab the other day! Ever heard of a non-Newtonian fluid? Well now you have! I posted a cool YouTube video clip of the same stuff in the VodPod below. Scroll down to the bottom right and you should see it in the VodPod collection of videos.

Soooooooo, anyway, here’s the lecture from Tuesday on the intro to SI measurements. I’m sure it’s mostly review from your physical science days, but it’s a great opportunity to refresh what you’ve learned and to get ready to begin using it! We’ll do derived units tomorrow. Good luck with your projects!!

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Chemistry 8-22-11 The Scientific Method

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Monday on the scientific method. Thanks for being patient with the finicky computer! I know you’ve heard it for umpteen years, but make sure you can APPLY what you’ve learned about the scientific method. Honors Chem – did you finish investigating Oobleck today? Kind of odd homework, hum? Regular Chemistry – you’ll have your chance with Ooblek tomorrow! (And I’ll give you the lab sheet tomorrow in class.)

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Chemistry Lab Safety Project

Hey guys – Good luck on finishing your lab safety project! If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below and I’ll comment back. Don’t forget that the project is due on Wednesday, no exceptions. If you can’t be here, make sure you have someone bring your project. Also, if you’ve lost your project sheet, you can find another copy of it up at the top under the Projects tab and in the section over on the bottom right – under “Good Stuff”, or on Edline. Make sure you check it very carefully to see that you’ve met all the requirements of the project! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Lab safety

Chemistry 8-18-11 Lab Safety Test

CHEMISTRY: Great job in lab this week! Are you ready for the lab safety test tomorrow? In addition to the lab safety packet, don’t forget to study all the lab apparatus – know what all the apparatus is used for (including the parts of the balance and the Bunsen burner). I’ll also ask you about safety control equipment and where it’s found in the lab. Also, make sure you can draw and label diagrams for filtering, boiling, evaporating, and heating intensely. As for the skills you’ll need tomorrow, make sure you can measure volume, measure mass, and light a Bunsen burner. Good luck studying! You can do it!! I’ll be praying for you!

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Physics 8-17-11 Relationships Among Data

PHYSICS: Are you? A hoarder, I mean? I soooooo don’t want you to be that person that has a million facts crammed in their head, none of which are useful for anything because you can’t apply what you know. So lets work on that this year. Did all the info on types of proportions and graphs come back to you? FYI – when you do the graph for yesterday’s lab, make sure you make them a full page. So did anybody check? Are there 850 million people in the USA? 🙂

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Physics 8-16-11 Accuracy & Precision, continued…

PHYSICS: Good job in lab on Tuesday! Did you remember sig figs? We’re going fast, I know, but you can do it! All this SI and calculations stuff will come back to you before you know it. Don’t forget to show all your work. Here’s the lecture on accuracy & precision.

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