Physics 8-31-11 Acceleration

PHYSICS: Great intro to acceleration! How do you feel about the formulas you helped me to derive? Go ahead and start the homework, and we’ll finish the last formula tomorrow – yes, there’s just one more. I think you’ll come to find these are a ton better than some of the velocity problems you did. List what you are given and what you’re looking for – don’t forget things like “starts from rest” and “came to a stop.” Then, just find the formula that contains the variables you are looking for. Easy peazy! Okay, maybe not that easy! πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Physics 8-31-11 Acceleration

  1. Ms. Skinner,

    Regarding the Human Density Lab, when will we have access to the data we collected, how many lab reports need to be completed for the group, and when is it due?

    • Sebastian – I posted it already, on 8-24-11. Each person will complete their own lab report using the data (and calculations) that you gathered as a group. Only Kamren and Matt don’t have to write up the lab report. Holler if you need help with it. And here’s a link if you need it: Physics 8-24-11 Human Density Lab

  2. When working acceleration problems that involve starting from rest, we don’t use that 0 when calculating the number of significant figures, right?

  3. Ms. Skinner, I am having major problems with these problems… I am definitely going to need you to go over them again tomorrow!

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