Physics 8-29-11 … and the Tortoise & the Hare

PHYSICS: Just in case you need it, here is the solution to the tortoise and the hare problems – # 21 & 22. Remember a few things: You weren’t born knowing how to do these – give yourself a little time. Just one formula won’t work – begin with writing what your know. These are some of the hardest problems we’ll work in physics – not because the formulas are hard, but because knowing how to reason through them is so challenging. You are doing a great job! BYW – Don’t open the solution to number 7! Try it without it!!

Tomorrow I’ll give you a break – we’ll start acceleration. I think you’ll find that it’s a whole lot simpler – all you have to do is practice using some formulas! Did you hear what I said? Formulas!! 🙂 Not simple mind you, but you’ll be surprised how much you’ve already learned. I’m proud of you!!

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  1. I am really having trouble with these. I think I’ll be taking your advice and working through these until I can solve them on my own.

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