Hon Chemistry 8-23-11 SI Measurements

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, great job on the Oobleck lab the other day! Ever heard of a non-Newtonian fluid? Well now you have! I posted a cool YouTube video clip of the same stuff in the VodPod below. Scroll down to the bottom right and you should see it in the VodPod collection of videos.

Soooooooo, anyway, here’s the lecture from Tuesday on the intro to SI measurements. I’m sure it’s mostly review from your physical science days, but it’s a great opportunity to refresh what you’ve learned and to get ready to begin using it! We’ll do derived units tomorrow. Good luck with your projects!!

flickr photo by areta ekarafi

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8 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 8-23-11 SI Measurements

  1. I don’t understand the concept of how scientist back then used to measure. like with the example of them using the distance of the north pole to the equator. Does that mean they compared the distance to the object they’re measuring?

  2. How do astronauts measure mass in space, because I’m pretty sure that a triple beam balance would fail completely under zero gravity?

  3. When talking about density, why are the units used to express gases different from the units used to express liquids and solids?

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