Physics 4-28-11 Harmonics

PHYSICS: So why do instruments that are playing the same note sound so different? Here’s a slightly expanded version of the lecture from Thursday on harmonics & beats. And how did you like “seeing” sound. Here’s the link to The vOICe Java Applet that I showed you in class today. Click on the name, or it’s at

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16 thoughts on “Physics 4-28-11 Harmonics

    • @tylerREDD A chord is a minimum of, but not limited to, two frequencies or notes. For instance, a Cmaj7add9 chord would use the notes C-E-G-B-D. However a C7add9 would be C-E-G-Bb-D. #aceonbase

  1. Hey, I was driving down the road the other day and was messing with my headlights. I noticed that around streetlights it didn’t matter if they were on or off I could see the same amount. I was wondering if there is either a third type of interference when it comes to waves not requiring a medium or if there’s just a maximum luminescence for certain kinds of light. Could anyone help me on that?


    just kidding, i’ll make webposts from college. you know, i’m gonna major in physics, so i’ll get on here and answer a few questions evey now and then. i might also publish my phone number in case anyone ever has any calculus questions. :]

    i love you, mrs. skinner. this year has been fun!

  3. Ms. skinner,
    i cant believe this is my last web post! i will miss your “punny” slides and adorable outfits. ohh and learning physics of course. i will miss you so much. thank you for all you have taught us.
    i love you
    (nikkie and i are available for six flags shaperones next year…just a thought)

  4. Wow I can’t believe that this is our last time to do a webpost! I will miss you! Thanks for being a great physics teacher! I’ve learned alot!

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