Cool Video of the Week: Honda Commercial – Rube Goldberg

I’ve seen it a hundred times, but it never gets old!  I thought the physics class might could use a little inspiration  – so this video’s dedicated to them. How’s your Rube Goldberg Project working out? The project is due May 2 (that’s next Monday!) If you need a little more inspiration, check the VodPod below, or check out the videos on You Tube. And just before you finish, don’t forget to review the project guidelines and the project grade sheet to make sure you’ve covered everything. Good luck! I can’t wait to see them!!

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38 thoughts on “Cool Video of the Week: Honda Commercial – Rube Goldberg

  1. I am SO excited for Six Flags and Lambert’s. Tomorrow is probably going to be the best day of my life. Minus getting up at 3:30.

  2. I LOVE Rube Goldberg machines. I saw the one with OK Go: This too Shall Pass a while back. Its one of my favorite videos. So, thanks for posting!

  3. Well, getting to project to the school will be decidedly…NOT EASY!

    Anyways, to all going on the phyics trip- have fun and remember that you all are lucky. Your drive is a mere 5 hours. My trip is 12. WOOHOO!

  4. Hey, just a tip for all you physics people. remember to dust a fan that your using for your project before you turn it on if you have dust allergies 🙂

  5. For the lab were we suposed to get a black substance for the product? I could not see the test tube you held up!

  6. For the Chemistry Project, when we draw the illustrations can we put them in a glossary at the end before the works cited?

  7. at the begining it said there was no editing done to this video. If that is true, i find it odd how the tires rolled up hill with little force.

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