ExploreZone 2011

Wow! You guys are the GREATEST!! Thanks to you, ExploreZone was a HUGE success! The elementary kids loved it and the high school did too! Everywhere I went, I saw faces with smiles and surprise and awe. You worked so hard, and it paid off. A special thanks to all of you who stayed late Monday setting up and Tuesday cleaning up! I couldn’t have made it without you!! Check out the pictures on flickr – more at the left and on the bottom right of this page or here . You can click on them to see the whole set.
ExploreZone 2011

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Wow, how’d you do that?”


“Where can you buy that?”

“Can you eat it?”

“Hit him in the knee!” (elementary kids are brutal!)

And my all time favorite – “Ooh gross! Do it again!”

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34 thoughts on “ExploreZone 2011

  1. I had so much fun working Explore Zone! The Bernoulli lab went great – the kids loved it! Especiallly eating the rice kripies! I never want to see oobleck ever again tho… πŸ™‚

  2. I can’t believe my picture made front page of the physics website. That’s more impressive than the bed of nails group being in the newspaper, in my opinion. Who agrees?

  3. Explorer Zone was so fun! I thought it was funny how kids would try to grab handfuls of rice crispys-as if we couldn’t see! haha

    • Kaele – Oh my, yes! All the ExploreZone and lab supplies are growing exponentially and we’ve got to find a better way to store them! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!

  4. “I love science” That’s all I heard from one of the second graders, he was so precious!

    It was definitly fun, but very tiring!

  5. Alternating exhibits was a lifesaver. That was a great, fantastic idea. That might be what always happens, but I thought it was still great. haha.

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