Chemistry 4-21-11 Balancing Chemical Equations – Pt. 2

CHEMISTRY: Okay, maybe balancing equations isn’t exactly like this, but….. Here are the rest of the notes on balancing equations. Plus – a couple of examples for practice. Have a great weekend! And, did I mention practice, practice, practice?

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ExploreZone 2011

Wow! You guys are the GREATEST!! Thanks to you, ExploreZone was a HUGE success! The elementary kids loved it and the high school did too! Everywhere I went, I saw faces with smiles and surprise and awe. You worked so hard, and it paid off. A special thanks to all of you who stayed late Monday setting up and Tuesday cleaning up! I couldn’t have made it without you!! Check out the pictures on flickr – more at the left and on the bottom right of this page or here . You can click on them to see the whole set.
ExploreZone 2011

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Wow, how’d you do that?”


“Where can you buy that?”

“Can you eat it?”

“Hit him in the knee!” (elementary kids are brutal!)

And my all time favorite – “Ooh gross! Do it again!”