Hon Chemistry 4-11-11 Single Replacement, Double Replacement & Combustion Reactions

HON CHEMISTRY: Hmmmm….somehow we had a glitch in the sound today, so I’m having to be creative on giving you the lecture on single replacement reactions. Moving right along….here’s a lecture from last year on the rest of the types of chemical reactions – single replacement, double replacement, and combustion. You’ll need to memorize all 17 of them (by tomorrow!), but don’t just memorize them. Make sure you can apply them as well. When you start to work any equation, first determine what type of reaction it is, then figure out what rule applies and follow it to determine the products. I believe in you! You can do it!!

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4 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 4-11-11 Single Replacement, Double Replacement & Combustion Reactions

  1. Is the only way to identify a double replacement reaction without having the products given being told that it is a drr beforehand?

    • Hunter – The key to looking for a double replacement is that it’s a compound and a compound, usually two ionic compounds, each of which is looking to exchange partners, so to speak. There are a couple of exceptions to this. For example, a non-metallic oxide and water produce water, a synthesis reaction. You could tell if you looked closely, however, that this one wasn’t DR, because you would end up with the same products.

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