Chemistry 4-6-11 Polymers

CHEMISTRY: Well, we finally finished the chapter! Did you realize molecules could be that large? And so many of them. But don’t you think polymers are cool? Here’s the lecture from Wednesday. Did you get a copy of the Polymer Worksheet? Click here if you need it: Polymer Worksheet. Some items for contemplation: why are certain plastics recyclable and others not…and what about dishwasher and microwave safe? Help Session tomorrow morning at 7:15!

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17 thoughts on “Chemistry 4-6-11 Polymers

  1. Hey mrs.Skinner, for explore zone will we need to conduct the experiment the same exact way that we did in lab?

  2. Hey Ms.Skinner,
    So for the Science in the News this week can our topic be anything about Polymers,and stuff like that?

  3. I will not be needing a t shirt.
    just letting you know!:)
    and i think i am going to talk to you one day after class about how much the project will help my grade.
    im hoping to do really well on it:)

    • Jacob – Pretty much, yes. You can assume that if you do everything correctly (and I mean everything!) you will be rescued in three days.

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