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  1. I rate myself a 4/5 the problem I had this week was time management and I need to pay attention more closely in class.

  2. I rate myself a 3/5 for this week because I really struggled with the graphs at first, but ended up getting the hang of it in the end.

  3. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I struggled keeping up with work and need to try to stay caught up. On the other hand I feel like I understood the content of the lesson pretty well.

  4. This week I rate myself a 3/5 up until the test, I over stressed myself over it. Nevertheless I will continue giving my best. I understood most of the information, although at first it seemed like a lot to take in.

  5. This week I rate myself a 3/5 I was struggling with conversions but after your help session Im starting to get it down pack. Most of the time it just takes effort and determination to learn and understand something. I will keep on giving my best and I will pass.

  6. This week would rate myself 3/5, just because all of the confusion with the schedule it was very new to me and I had trouble keeping up I did get a good understanding with the help of my classmates I got a better understanding finding the mass,volume,density with this weeks lab was very hard. Trying to find one without the other is very hard. My group help me figure out, even tho I feel like I slowed us down it was worth it trying to learn.

  7. This week I rate myself 4/5 I think I need to work on my timing I feel like I work to slow and it weighs my team down during group work but I take my time in order to get it right. I also had trouble finding the mass of my block. I will have to work on getting faster and learn how to find the mass of objects quicker so that I won’t work as slow and can keep up. Other than those few thing I think this week went good

  8. This week I rate myself a 4/5 . I appreciate you going over the formulas and getting ready for my test. The beginning of this week I struggled with the conversions and the percent error formula also. I learned by participating in class. The lab this week was also fun with the dancing raisins.

  9. The first week of school was very complicated. I rate myself 1/5 on the first week. I was very lost on everything and didn’t know what a syllabus was. I want to thank you for working with me on everything. August 11th ( 1st Webpost )

  10. This week a rate myself a 4/5. This week if you didn’t read every direction then you were going to miss something. I struggled at first , when I read over the direction once or twice. The scanning was easy and the other things. The lab was very struggling to me also but me and my lab partner got everything done finally.

  11. This week I rate myself a 4/5 . Classes this week were really short but we got a lot done. Although I came to school for only 3 days , I managed to get my excel graph done. I struggled with my line graphs but with your help eveything seemed so simple.

  12. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I actually thought I did better on the test than the grade I got. This week went by kind of fast but we did do a lot of notes. Both of labs this week were pretty much easy but time managing. The most challenging part will figuring out ways to make sure mass is neither created nor destroyed.

  13. This week I rate myself a 4/5 . I did great on my elements quiz , besides me missing the spelling. Im also already done with my lab report .

  14. I rate myself a 3.55/5 . This week was fairly cool except for the lab. The lab we completed thursday and friday included alot of thinking. The lab this week may have been the hardest lab to get 4 of them seperated. Other than that this week was a breeze.

  15. This week has been pretty interesting. I feel that we did really well with the lab this week and I think I understand the procedures of the lab. I would give myself a 4/5 for this week.

  16. This week I rate myself a 2/5 . I missed 3 days of school and I know that set me back alot this week. Best believe Im going to work hard to catch up on my work. One thing I did get a chance to do was the lab this week. The lab was pretty cool and understandable.

  17. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I really like the coding a human assignment , it was pretty cool. I’m also getting to memorize the the polyotomic ions too. Overall it was a good week.

  18. This week I rate my self a 4/5. At the beginning of the week I struggled but towards the end of the week I got better and better at polyatomic ions. Now I am more comfortable with the polyatomic ions and I totally understand them.

  19. This week was really cool. I feel like I could stand to learn more about the conversion factors, but I think I understood the lesson. The lab was pretty cool too. I enjoyed seeing the different spectrum of colors that appeared. This week was probably a 4/5 for me.

  20. This week I rate myself a 4/5 . This week went by slow because I guess it was the week before Thanksgiving. However I really liked the lab and it was pretty cool. The one thing that challenged me this week is the Lab Report . Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  21. This week was pretty cool. I rate myself a 3/5 on this week. Im still kind of confused on the lab that is due monday morning by 8:15 am. I will get better understanding and have it done. I had to adjust to watching the notes on the vodcast because I was so used to listening to Mrs.Skinner giving and explaining everything.

  22. It was a pretty fun week. I enjoyed the lab we did earlier. I learned a lot this week and I hope to put it to good use on the exam. I would give myself a 3/5 for this week.

  23. This week was most definitely a fun week. I really loved the lab and it was fun. I rate myself a 4/5 on this week. The test was the most challenging part of this week but overall this week was successful

  24. This week I rate my self a 4/5. I really enjoyed the brain games videos and I totally think its going to help me out. With it only being a three day week , this week went by really fast. I also learned alot about my brain also.

  25. This was an awesome week! I loved watching the brain game videos. They showed me so much about how my brain works and how the brain functions. I’d give myself a 4/5 for this week. Thanks for the videos!

  26. This was a pretty awesome week. I loved doing the atom lab over Wednesday and Thursday. I wish we hadn’t been so pressed for time because of chapel. I would give myself a 4/5 for the week.

  27. This week was pretty good. The atom lab we did was pretty fun also. I just wish we had more time , but spiritual week was good also . Overall I rate myself a 4/5.

  28. This week I rate myself a 4/5 . This week was very short and classes were cut short also. We did get a lot of eork done though which was good. Overall the two days we did go to school it was good.

  29. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I really liked the lab today and it was very fun. I think I did alright on the test this week but not really sure. Overall this was a cool week, getting better every week.

  30. This week I rate myself a 3/5. The lab was pretty fun also. The only thing that was challenging this week was the test. I don’t think I was mentally ready for the test. I think elevator example was pretty cool also.

  31. This week I rate myself a 4/5. This week was also fun and I enjoyed the lab. I’m still trying to figure out which way is the best for me to study for a test. Overall I really enjoyed this week and still have things to work on.

  32. This Week was honestly fun. We did a lot of notes and worked on alot of things this week for the test. I rate myself a 3/5 because i still have to keep working on things. I also really enjoyed the lab it was so fun.

  33. This week I rare myself a 4/5. This week was very short because of the play and the girls basketball leaving for state. I really liked the assignment we did with the cards also. The test we took this week was pretty cool also.

  34. This week went by a little slow. I rate myself a 4/5 this week, although I was upset with my test grade but I will do better. Overall this was a pretty good week. The lab we did friday was fun also. Have a good spring break!!!!!

  35. This week I rate myself a 3/5. We took a lot of notes this week and it required a lot of listening and studying for the test. The test was cool , even though I don’t think I got the grade I was looking for. I’m still striving to get better every week.

  36. This week I rate myself a 4/5. his week was fairly descent even though I think the project is going to kill me. This is going to take a lot of time and managing. Also this week was very short and it seemed like we had short classes but I learned a lot this week.

  37. This week I rate myself a 4 out of 5. This week was fairly easy and short. We recorded a lot of notes. I really needed class time also to help with my project so I thank you for that also.

  38. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I under how tot do the lewis structures which is good. I really hate we missed the Fun Day Friday. I can’t wait to have Fun Day Monday.

  39. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I really hope I did good on the test we took today. Other than the test everything else went good this week. I really liked the Fun Day Monday lab activity also.

  40. This week I rate myself a 3/5. The lab we did this week was very fun and interesting. I honestly learned a lot this week. Although I wasn’t satisfied with my test grade.

  41. This week i struggled with remembering all the units and Physical science information we learned in 8th grade. I am going over that information from the slideshow and studying it for the tests, labs, and other activities. So its coming back little by little.

  42. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I prepared for the test well. My hardest problem was actually solving the problems. I did good with the Q formula. I need to work on my conversions. I enjoyed the lab. I hope to finally master test information in the future.

  43. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I studied a lot for the test but I did not do well on the “Q” formula question. The lab was easy to me as I finished it in class.

  44. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I did well on both of the labs and I understood everything in class. I did not to well on the test but I now know what I did wrong.

  45. This week I rate myself a 3 out of 5. I did good on both of my labs this week. I did a good job on keeping up with the Technology 101 assignment. I’ve been perfecting my method of problem solving and look to improve on my test in the future.

  46. i give myself a 5/5 this week because i figured out how to do everything for our lab turn in and I did good with trying to figure out the mass without a balance lab.

  47. i give myself a 5/5 this week because i understood how to do the things for the lab turn in stuff online and i did good with trying to figure out the information in the lab

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