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  1. I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 stars. I feel like I did good on my lab but, I feel like I need to look at some notes again about states of matter.

  2. This week was more manageable I was able to complete the labs before class was over because I had a better use of my time.

  3. My Topic is struggle
    and I have honestly struggled quite a bit with my web posts which is silly because they are quite easy to do and don’t take very much time to do, so my solution to my problem is to put a sign on my door that says web posts, and what do you know so far so good.

  4. My topic for this week is redemption. I have missed a few homework grades in the past and I have done poorly on quizzes, and I hope to redeem myself and make better grades.

  5. This week I struggled with coming up with observations for the candle lab. I found it hard to be creative and observant enough to get enough observations.

  6. This week I can’t really say much on performance since we were only here for 3 days but I do have to say I like the interactive way we take notes so we aren’t just sitting their taking notes but instead we actually talk through are notes.

  7. Tgis week my triumph was taking good notes and being able to pay attention in class and i understood what we were learning.

  8. This week I really struggled with the lab. I struggled with my time management and remembering all of the labs rules. I turned the lab in but if i got to do it a second time i would definitely do it a little different.

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