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  1. one thing I struggle with is getting my homework turned in and on time so to fix that i am going to start asking myself everyday “do i have home work?” and if i do then complete it and if i dont well then i dont have to worry about it

  2. One thing I struggle is getting my homework done and keep forgetting about homework. Now I’m going to start to write it down in a notebook and try not to forget any homework from now on

  3. One thing I struggle with is truly understanding what we are doing in labs. To help fix this, I’m going to try to remember to read and re-read (if necessary) the labs the night before and ask questions on parts I still don’t understand.

  4. A Barton C3
    I tend to struggle with understanding labs and what they say to do. To help me with the labs, I will start asking questions and learn what it says to do.

  5. T Barron C3
    One thing I struggle with is checking my syllabus and not knowing what to do for homework. I will work on this by making sure before I leave the school I check the syllabus thoroughly and know what I need to have done to be ready for class the next day.

  6. This year, I am excited to learn many things, such as how different chemicals act once they are mixed together in different scenarios, like when they are hot or cold for example. I am pumped to get the year started.

  7. I think the struggle for me this year is going to be taking the things i learn in class and transfer what I learned to the test. I’m the type of person that reads things over and over and still can’t tell you what I just read. The good thing about that is that all the notes we take are recorded and can go back and listen to what we need to know. That will help me a lot as the year goes on.

  8. I think one of my struggles for me this year is learning a lot of work and waiting until the last minute to do things. With me taking this class I feel like I will learn how to do things ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute. I believe this class will help me with that.

  9. The thing I will most likely struggle with most is retaining information and staying on top of work. Since I am taking this class I think I will learn to be more responsible with my time management and planning skills.

  10. One thing I struggled with is looking at the syllabus to know what homework we have and what we will be doing during class. To fix I plan to make sure I print the syllabus off the day it comes out and read it everyday.

  11. One thing I struggle with is knowing what to do in the labs. I use the lab sheet and read it, but sometimes I still don’t understand what to use for the lab.

  12. One thing I struggled with is understanding the lab I get confused on the instructions because we have to do what’s on the board not only what the sheet says

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