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  1. This week in chemistry, I have struggled with understanding ans working out unit conversions. To help with this, I have been studying and memorizing the chart with the prefixes, their meanings, and the exponents. I feel like this studying will help me tremendously on future assignments.

  2. This week (and last week) I struggled a little with studying for the elements quiz. I realized that just looking over the elements wasn’t enough. I needed to actually write them down, and really think about what I was doing.

  3. This week i struggled with time management and trying to memorize the information on the pre-test and i also struggled with the oxidation numbers

  4. My goal is to be able to make a A on one of the test that you give us and i plan on achieving this goal by asking for help if i need it, making time to study, and making sure im studying the right way.

  5. My goal this semester is to make better grades on my test and I plan on doing that by giving myself more time to study in advance and applying the definitions more rather then just memorizing them

  6. My goal this semester is to make better grades on my test and I plan on doing that by giving myself more time to study in advance and applying the definitions more rather then just memorizing them

  7. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I did all my homework but did not complete it all. My test was not the best I could’ve done. I didn’t study as much as I needed to.

  8. Reflect/Rate
    I believe that I have done good this week even though we have had short class periods. I understand everything that I was absent for and have completed all the labs. I rate myself as a 4/5 because I should have started studying for my chemistry test on monday

  9. This week I would give myself a 3 because I understand how to do the formulas and how to find them in word problems. However, I do get them mixed up sometimes and that’s why I studied the week to make sure I get it right on the test.

  10. My science in the news topic was about vaping. Vaping has now killed 8 people. According to the American Lung association, vaping slowly causes the lung to stop functioning. It has very addictive chemicals and fruity flavors which draw in teenagers. Vaping has put many teenagers alone in the hospital with severe lung issues.

  11. This week I am struggling to figure out how to set up my lab report on Mass Without a Balance. To help me figure this out I will use the worksheet on the website to guide through the lab write up.

  12. The only thing I struggled with this week was transporting my information to the shared folder. Once other people helped me, I found out how to do it on my own. So now whenever we do it next time, I will be able to do it on my own.

  13. This week I felt like I did pretty good with the graphing exercises on the computer. I understood reading and graphing the graphs.

  14. This week was kind of a review because I remembered how to graph, but it was good to review. Even if I knew what I was doing I was fixing the little things that made me more aware of mistakes that I could make

  15. This week I felt like I did good on the graphs. I knew how to do graphs but I kind of forgot, so I got good review on how to do them.

  16. I rate myself a 8 this week because I studied and remembered the elements. The only thing I messed up on was putting a “t” on Arsenic, but that was the only thing I messed up on all week. So overall I feel it was a good week

  17. It’s been a short week and we aren’t doing much but I feel like I’m taking reliable notes and understanding what we are doing in class

  18. This week I was sick but I watched the Vimeo’s and took notes and caught up with what I missed in class and studied the material I didn’t know too well

  19. Even though this week was a short week I feel like I learned a lot. The candle observation was hard because I could not come up with 45 things that I observed, but once some people helped me out I figured out some things I could write down.

  20. I rated myself as a 5 out of five today because I was very attentive in class and I feel like I did good on the lab.

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