Physics 10-18-17 Newton’s Law of Inertia

PHYSICS: Remind me again why didn’t that pen go flying across the room instead of dropping into the bottle? Hmmm…..

So what do you reckon is the inertia of this car? Great start today relating mass to inertia! Now go forth and apply what you know to find the mass of that spool of copper wire! Wait, did a say copper wire, I meant the mass of that unknown substance! photo by Rodolfo Mari

Physics 10-4-17 Motion Down a River and Kid on a Slide with a Water Gun – Relative Motion Revisited

PHYSICS – Wow, we finally made it to the official end of chapter 3! Do you realize how much you’ve accomplished? Awesome!

How’d you do with relative motion “revisited”? You know, you’ve done this already. The only new part is the motion of objects in the same direction and opposite directions, relative to each other. Don’t forget, you’ll use what you learned about vector addition to work those “boat goes across a river” and “plane experiences a head wind” types of problems.

Need extra help? Help session tomorrow morning, Thursday, 7:20ish.

flickr photo by Richard Yuan

Physics 10-3-17 Angular Projectile Problems

PHYSICS – Great job today working through the monkey-hunter problem, and great start on the rocket problem – I think you’ve got it figured out? Maybe? I found an old vodcast that has more of that problem worked – might help. 🙂

Do the problems make more sense now? Don’t give up on the next set! They are tough, but you can do it!

Physics 9-29-15 Angular Projectile Problems from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by Johnson Cameraface

Physics 10-2-17 Angular Projectile Motion

PHYSICS – So we are finally putting it all together – angular projectile motion! Here’s the lesson – some homework discussion and then angular projectile motion.

The number one thing to remember – Never use the resultant velocity to do more than find the vertical and horizontal components! And vertical is vertical, horizontal is horizontal and don’t ever mix the two!

PHYSICS 9-30-14 Angular Projectile Motion from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by gpwarlow

Physics 9-28-17 Horizontal Projectile Motion

PHYSICS: Great job today – and applying stuff from the last chapter no less!

Just go slow and easy, talk yourself through what you are doing and ask if the formulas you are using are legit. You’ll master it in no time flat. Watch out for squirrels throwing nuts!

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Physics 9-27-17 Review of Component Vector Addition

PHYSICS: So what do you this is the resultant of these “vectors”?!?

Great job with the component method of vector addition! My main take away from today – make sure you show all your work in a very orderly fashion! Here’s the review from today.

Image by Alex Fur

Physics 9-22-17 Intro to Vectors

PHYSICS – Hey guys, great job today on the intro to vectors – graphical vector addition, resultants, and the like. Have you done anything like this before? We’ll spend Monday practicing adding vectors graphically. Great start today! Don’t forget your protractor and graph paper!

PHYSICS 9-23-14 Intro to Vectors from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by Jon.B.