Physics 2-21-18 Pascal’s Law

PHYSICS: Did you realize that fluids could produce that much force? Make’s you wonder at the awesome way God designed those beautiful under water sea creatures to withstand so much pressure, doesn’t it? This little creature is a lionfish from the waters of Lembeh, Indonesia.

Oh, and here’s the lecture on Pascal’s law and hydraulics and the like.

Physics 2-27-17 Pascal's Law from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by CW Ye

Physics 2-20-18 Archimedes’ Principle

PHYSICS: So when you were floating in the pool this summer, did you enjoy your fellowship with buoyant forces? 🙂 From Tuesday – Archimedes’ Principle.

Great topic for investigation! Speaking of which – what did you find? When the kid jumped out of the boat, did the water level rise, fall, or stay the same? Hmmmm…..

PHYSICS 2-18-14 Archimedes Principle from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by marlana

Physics 2-9-18 Rotational Dynamics

PHYSICS – Wow! Could you do this? Here’s the lecture on rotational inertia, angular velocity, and angular momentum – rotational dynamics! By the way – I wonder how all this applies to other rotating things…like maybe the Earth? Hmmmmm……

Physics 2-10-17 Rotational Dynamics from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: frozenhaddock via Compfight cc

King of the Hill Competition 2018

PHYSICS: Terrific job on the King of the Hill competition!!! I’m really proud of the work that all of you did on your cars.

It was a fierce, head to head battle with cars flying all over the track, but at last the strongest car emerged victorious! Congratulations, Brendan, on being King of the Hill! Also, congrats to Milie and Ethan for winning the speed and distance races!

Physics 2-5-18 Circular Motion

PHYSICS: So is being unbalanced a bad thing? Here’s the lecture from Monday on unbalanced torques! Well, on circular motion. Lab on centripetal force and acceleration Wednesday. Prepare to duck!

But first – King of the Hill Competition tomorrow!!

Physics 2-7-17 Circular Motion from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Physics 1-29-18 Torque & Rotational Equilibrium

PHYSICS: Welcome to the first day of a brand new chapter in physics – one of the last we’ll do on mechanics!! No audio today, so here’s a past lecture on torque – a different kind of motion involved. So how’s the balance in your life right now?

Physics 1-25-16 Torque from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Happy Snow Day!!

Hallelujah! God is good! I hope you’ve enjoyed your snow day!!

Here’s the revised scheduled for all classes – pretty much we’ll just take up on the syllabus where we left off:

HON CHEMISTRY: Bring your Spectroscopy lab – we’ll finish it in class on Tuesday. Also bring your colored pencils! We’ll begin Friday’s lesson next Wednesday.

CHEMISTRY: We’ll just take up on the syllabus where we left off. No new homework, we’ll just pretend that this coming Tuesday is last Thursday! 😉

HON PHYSICS: Conservation of Momentum lab moved to Tuesday!

Enjoy your day off!!

snow day

Physics 1-11-18 Collisions Problems with Energy & More!

PHYSICS: Great job on the problems so far!! Here’s the preview from today – dart in the block of wood, bird on the swing, car crash, and a start on the billiard balls. This cute little bird isn’t on a swing, but he is one I came beak to nose with on a mission trip to Costa Rica!

On to a more practical application tomorrow. Speaking of which, any questions? Light bulb? Questions??