Chemistry Assignment for Monday, November 12

CHEMISTRY: Happy Monday! Here’s your assignment for Monday. Read the instructions below very carefully!! (If you have done this assignment already, do it again – but it’s different! The practice will be very helpful for you!!)

Today you’ll practice again on, but instructions for today are different. Today you will need to write the question, and then beside it, the correct answer, and you must turn in your work on notebook paper – but you only have to do 15 compounds correctly from each section. When you get 15 done correctly in each section, you may stop and go on to the next section. Skip a line between each compound. You may write on the back.

Go to, go to Chemistry, click on NEW Review & do the following. On your notebook paper, write the question, and then beside it, the correct answer. BE SURE AND CHECK YOUR ANSWER. This assignment will be graded for accuracy.

Label each new section, and skip a line between each question.
1)ย  Unit 3: Binary Ionic Compound Formulas (Don’t forget that you DO have to put charges for the ions in the formulas when you show your work!)
2)ย  Unit 3: Ionic Compounds Involving Polyatomic Ions (Don’t forget that you DO have to put charges for the ions in the formulas when you show your work!)
3)ย  Unit 3: Binary Covalent Nomenclature (Don’t forget that you DO NOT put charges for the ions in the formulas when you show your work. Prefixes are the subscripts!)

You must have 15 correct answers from each section before you can turn in your work. The assignment is due at the end of the period. If you finish early, use your time to practice other things for the Ch 7 Pre-test quiz.

Chemistry 11-7-18 Oxidation Numbers & Pre-Test Quiz Info

CHEMISTRY: One man’s rust is another student’s lesson in chemistry! Great job today with oxidation numbers. Now it’s time to go and practice applying them!

God bless you as you study for the Chapter 7 Memorization Quiz tomorrow! You need to have memorized (and be able to use!!): polyatomic ions, monatomic ions (but you can get these off the periodic table), acids, prefixes, and how to write and name chemical formulas. Click here for a copy of the PERIODIC TABLE you’ll use on the test – if you want to practice using it on your own.

Need help? Help session tomorrow morning, 7:20ish ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s a lot, but you can do it! And make double dog sure you are working hard at practicing it all now!!

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Chemistry 11-6-18 Binary Molecular Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Do you feel like you have letter and numbers swimming in your eyes? This is one of those times that paying attention to details is super, super important! Here’s the lecture from today on writing formulas and names for binary molecular compounds. Part of it’s really similar to what you learned to do last week for ionic compounds, but another part is totally different. Details!!

Make sure you keep everything straight. Do something that will organize all the information for you, so you won’t get confused. Also, don’t forget the lists you have to memorize – it’s getting larger and larger!! And practice, practice, practice!!!

Need extra practice? Another help session??

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Chemistry 11-1-18 Chemical Formulas Practice Homework

CHEMISTRY: Did you get the homework change yesterday? Your only written homework is to do the first two Chemical Formula Practice from that are listed on the bottom of the syllabus. Be sure and check the syllabus for how you are supposed to turn it in! Also a good idea to check the syllabus for the web post comment topic!

BIG UPDATE!! The Chap. 7 Memorization Pre-Test Quiz is moved to Thursday, November 8. The following will be on the quiz – monatomic ions, polyatomic ions, prefixes, and acids, AND Writing & Naming Chemical Formulas

Need help with chemical formulas? Help session this Tuesday morning, 7:20ish A.M.

Great job today writing and reading code! Do you think chemical formulas are kind of like code? And if you make one tiny mistake…..???

Chemistry 10-31-18 Homework with Chemical Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Does writing and naming chemical formulas tie you in knots? I hope today’s practice with homework helped!

Keep working on it – both practicing and memorizing polyatomic ions!!! That’s why it’s super important to keep up with your homework!! The knots are all going to come unraveled and you are going to master this!!

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Chemistry 10-30-18 Chemical Formulas with Polyatomic Ions

CHEMISTRY: Great job today! Do you understand better now? Remember it’s like baby steps, first binary ionic compounds, and now, formulas with polyatomic ions. Begin learning them now! And practice, practice, practice!!

Another great idea, click here for a copy of the Hints for Naming Chemical Formulas Flow Chart, or find it under the Worksheet/Handouts Tab. Follow it every time you name chemical formulas!!

Speaking of polyatomic ions, what about that quiz tomorrow?!?

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Chemistry 10-29-18 Intro to Chemical Names & Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Great job learning to name binary ionic compounds – and even beginning to write formulas! Tomorrow let’s add polyatomic ions! Whoot, whoot!!

Speaking of formulas, what is your plan for all the memorization in this chapter? Word of warning – don’t wait to the last minute!!

Super important – the secret for the next few days and this entire chapter is DON’T GET BEHIND! Keep up with me and practice, practice, practice!

Chemistry 10-22-18 Chapter 1 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY – Are you ready? God bless you as you study! Here’s the overview of the test that we did in class today. Speaking of videos – have you watched the video clips on Cu, P, and Si? You can find them at If the phosphorus video won’t open for you, try this link from You Tube:

Make sure you aren’t just reading your book and notes. First, memorize the facts, then go back and make sure you can apply the concepts. Study examples, make your own examples, practice making questions. And don’t forget, if you are getting lost with everything you need to know, or if you’re not sure how to study, Chapter 1 Stuff to Know Sheet under the Test Info tab

Also, don’t forget the great review games that are in the Student Premium section of the online textbook. You can do this – I believe in you! I’m praying for you!!

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Chemistry Chapter 1 Pre-Test

CHEMISTRY: Here’s the Chapter 1 Pre-Test. Fill in your answers below. When you are finished, be sure and click Submit and check to see which ones you missed.Check the syllabus for the due date. Let’s see what you know! ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Click here for a link if that will work better for you!
Chemistry Chapter 1 Pre-Test

Chemistry 10-17-18 Energy (And Updated Syllabus)

CHEMISTRY – Happy Day!! You just took the last notes from the chapter, now it’s time to go apply what you know!!

UPDATED SYLLABUS – Have you printed and checked it? Super important for new info.

Great review today! So can energy be destroyed? Good job on tracing the energy transformations from one form to another. Applications, applications! Make sure you can apply what you learned today – on the test (and in life!). Did I mention that already?

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the chapter 1 study suggestion sheet? Let me know if there is anything you need help with before the test! (And you’re still learning the symbols of the elements, right?!?) ๐Ÿ™‚

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