Hon Chemistry 2-20-19 Electron Affinity, Ionic Radii & Electronegativity

HON CHEMISTRY: Here’s the last of the trends – not car trends, periodic trends! For now, it’s an lesson from last year, so fast forward past the syllabus part! 😉

Have you begun by watching the videos on the Periodic Table of Videos site?

In case you need the list again, the videos that you must watch from the s-block are potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

The videos you need to watch for the p-Block are carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, and chlorine. http://periodicvideos.com/

The elements from the d block that I especially want you to watch are copper and mercury. And there are other interesting ones you might like to watch just for fun!

The videos on from the f-Block that you need to watch are: neodymium, thorium

flickr photo by Infidelic

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