Chemistry 5-2-18 Synthesis & Decomposition Reactions

CHEMISTRY: Wow! So that’s where the pretty light comes from! Great job on catching up with synthesis and learning decomposition reactions.

Now go forth and practice what you learned! (The balancing equations part, not the playing with magnesium part!)

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40 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-2-18 Synthesis & Decomposition Reactions

  1. I would rate this week of 3/5. I learn about the different types of chemical equations like decomposition and synthesis; both have five categories. I learned how to tell the difference in both chemical equations types. I need to look over diatomic molecules, and I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong on the balancing equations worksheets. In the Lab, I learned how different chemical reactants come together to form new products.

  2. I would rate myself w 0/5 this week because I struggled in the lab at first but after the second time I got it. Also I thought the quiz was Friday so I was not prepared. To makeup for this week I will check my syllabus more next week.

  3. I would rate myself a 2/5 this week I’m kind of struggling with the balancing chemical equation but hopefully I will figure it out before the test I think I did well on the lab this week though so I guess that’s a positive but other than that it’s been a bad week

  4. I rate myself a 4/5 for this week. I was a little disappointed with my test grade. The multiple choice always get me! But i finally think I am getting the hang of balancing equations, it just sometimes takes me a little bit more time. I feel pretty good about the quiz we took.

  5. I would rate myself a 2/5 this week. The test was horrible because I wasn’t prepared, the quiz was okay, but I look back on it and I realized I may have made a couple of mistakes. Also the worksheets were terrible, too. Balancing equations requires more than just skills in multiplying, but also requires a lot of memorization. I pray I did somewhat well on the research project, and I hope I do well on the test coming up. And the final exam is coming up as well; I heard it was much more challenging than the first exam. I hope I bring my grade up enough to pass…

  6. I would rate myself on paying attention to the latest chapter 4/5 because I understand the concepts I just need to learn the 17 chemical reactions. I would also like to ask you when will we have the test on said chapter.

  7. This week was very stressful. First I got back my test which I didn’t do very good on and I also did not do good on my quiz which I thought I prepared for well for. I am going to retake the quiz and prepare very hard for the test

  8. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I’m still struggling with the balancing equations worksheets and made a terrible grade on the quiz, but I’m improving a lot and will make sure to get a much better grade when I retake it. Also, the lab was really fun.

  9. I rate myself a 3/5. I did not do well on my test because I failed to prepare for it. I also did well on my lab. I also could’ve studied for my quiz a little better, but I plan to do better on the retake.

  10. I would rate myself a 2/5 for the week. I didn’t do very well on the quiz and I could of done better on the test.

  11. I would rate myself a 2/5 this week. I feel like I struggled to understand most things this week.

  12. I rate myself a 3/5 for this week. I did good at taking notes but, I really do not understand some of the compound rules. I hope I do better on the quiz next week.

  13. This week in chemistry I would rate myself a 3/5. I did not do well on the test at all, because i did not prepare as much as i should have. I also did fairly okay on the quiz but made careless errors so I plan to do better on the retake. I also struggled/ am struggling with balancing chemical equations but hopefully I can get the hang of it before the test next week. Looking forward to another great week in chemistry!

  14. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I did pretty well on test but I did poorly on the quiz. I’m gonna prepare for it better so I do better when I retake it.

  15. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I prepared for the quiz a lot, but I realized the careless mistakes I made.

  16. This week l give myself a 3/5. l am really stressed. l only have 2 weeks to bring my grade up so hopefully l can bring my grade to where l want it. l also did really well on the chemical formulas quiz. Overall, this week was stressful.

  17. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week because I didn’t do so hot and the quiz because I made simple mistakes. But I’m getting better and the balancing equations stuff so that’s good. I thought the lab was cool too.

  18. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. That is because I think I did good on the lab and at the start of this week, I didn’t really understand the balancing equations. But midweek, I started to understand them more. I also got a decent grade on my quiz yesterday.

  19. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week. I did better on my test than normal and I’m really starting to finally understand how to balance chemical equations.

  20. I would rate myself 3/5 this week I was not very happy with my test grade I got back but I’m going to retake it and I kind understand balancing equations.

  21. While I was working on my class work, and balancing out chemical equations, it dawned on me that it is not hard in the slightest to balance the equations. Learning about the many different types of reactions was also made easier after that.

  22. I rate myself a 2/5 for the week. I need to work on my study habits. I did feel like I progressed in balancing equations though.

  23. This week in chemistry I rate myself a 4/5 because I have been watching the videos and keeping up. I am kind of sad that it’s almost over but proud of myself for doing well. It’s been hard, but I’ve learned so much.

  24. I would rate myself a 3/5! I did good on the memorization quiz but I didn’t do as well on the test as I wanted to but it brought my grade up so I was ok with it!

  25. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week because I studied really hard for the memorization quiz and I got a good grade on it. I did better than I expected but not as well as I wanted to on the test.

  26. This week started strong but ended pretty badly. The test I did decently well on, while I fell short on the quiz. The reason for this is two things: lack of preparation and overconfidence. The reason for most of the errors on my quiz can be attributed to careless mistakes. With all this in mind, it is clear that I need to study more and not just the night before. The lab was a nice change of pace, though sadly it must be written up. So all in all, I rate myself a solid 4/5 this week.

  27. This week… has been rough. I did well on my test and quiz, but my complete flops on the worksheets completely severed any type of victory and relief I felt. I thought I had a good handle on balancing equations because I performed well on the cLab, but the difference between writing chemical equations from scratch instead of plugging in the coefficients turned out to be so vast that I completely bombed the worksheets. I do, however, intend to redo the worksheets after I sought out help, and now I feel so much better than I did before.

  28. I rate myself a 3/5 because I feel like I did good on my lab, but I didnt do well on my test. Also, I didnt do well on my quiz.

  29. This week was a 5/5 for me. No issues with the new material so far and my quiz grade was not bad. I’m a bit bogged down by the 17 reactions to memorize, but it’s doable. Hopefully the next text is an easy one. I’d really like to make at least a high 90! All I can do is study.

  30. this week in chemistry would rate myself 1/5. balancing equations is really challenging to me i am struggling and i would like it if we had another help session.

  31. This week in chemistry i felt like i didn’t do as good as i should have. I am going to work harder and retake the quiz so it will help my grade a lot. I am going to try to finish strong

  32. This week I rate myself a 3/5. The quiz I didn’t do to well and I need to memorize more but other than that it was a good week.

  33. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week because despite being absent for two days last week, I managed to catch up and I understand the material that I missed.

  34. This has been a great week! However I didn’t make as high as I wanted to on the quiz, but there’s always next week to do better!

  35. This week I rate myself a 3/5 I struggled with the memorization so I need to go back and restudy them other than that I did pretty good this week

  36. I would rate myself a literal 0/5 for this week. I did terrible in lab the first day, but the second day was better. I was extremely exhausted emotionally and physically at the beginning of the week which took a toll on my entire week, not only in chemistry but every subject. I am really struggling with the material, but I think my struggle is coming from being rusty on naming compounds and such. Next week will be better because I will be rested and motivated.

  37. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week because I didn’t do good on the quiz but I didn’t totally blow it and I actually tried. Also I’m still a little rusty on balancing chemical equations, but I will be better prepared next week.

  38. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week because I’m getting much better at chemical equations, I did very well during the lab, and I did okay on the quiz.

  39. This week I would rate myself a 2/5. I did bad on the test and quiz. I also struggled with balancing the equations.

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