Hon Chemistry 3-7-18 Metallic Bonds

HON CHEMISTRY: Molten iron, wow! Here’s the lecture for Thursday on metallic bonding.

Aren’t you glad there are no structures to draw for metallic bonds?! Make sure you can use the electron sea model to explain the properties of metals. Also be able to compare and contrast all three types of bonds.

Have you made your own Chapter 6 “Stuff to Know Sheet”? Great way to get organized as you get ready for this test on Friday!!

Hon Chemistry 2-26-16 Metallic Bonds from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.


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15 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 3-7-18 Metallic Bonds

  1. Well, this week hasn’t really been bad or good. I mean, I’ve had better and worse. What I’m hoping for is to pull through with a good grade on this last test !!

  2. This week I struggled with the 3D lab. Technology and me are not best friends and i didn’t even know where half of the stuff on my computer was. I had to Face Time Abi Martin 3 TIMES! But i finally got it submitted with blood, sweat, and tears.

  3. This week was a triumph for me. I finished all of my homework and extra credit early so that I could focus on learning the chapter. I feel more prepared for this test than anyone before.

  4. I would rate myself a 4/5 for this week. I went into this week with my SiTN extra cedit done. I’ve stayed on top of homework and got a tiny headstart on studying for tomorrow’s test!!! I probably should’ve started preparing earlier…

  5. This has been a literal rollercoaster. I’m worried for the test tomorrow. But I also feel good about some parts. But overall this week has been as neutral as it gets.

  6. This week has been a triumph and a struggle. Although I finished all my labs and extra credit early, I feel as though I haven’t gotten as much study time for this test as I did for the past test. Yet, I’m still working hard to retain all the information and apply it!

  7. This week has been a 3/5 for me. I have made many careless mistakes that would have been prevented if I was not lazy. However, I started studying earlier for this test than usual. I hope that I can muster up all I can to end out the third nine weeks strong.

  8. I will rate this week as a 5/5 for me because I got through it. I am so glad it’s Spring Break now, I really, really was ready for it. I really tried my best to prepare myself for the test today and I know for sure I missed a few, but hopefully it’s not a lot. I completely understood the application part and hope I made no careless mistakes or forgot anything easy that’ll get me like a zero. And I super hope I explained the discussion question well enough with my run-on sentence.

  9. This week has been a 3/5 because I didn’t put in as much effort into my homework as I usually do and while I studied hard, I feel like I could have given another 10-15%.

  10. I’d rate myself a 4/5 this week because I had trouble with some of the material but I still think I did well on the test.

  11. i’d rate myself a 3/5 this week. i made stupid mistakes on my homework and lab, but i think i knew the material for the test pretty well.

  12. I’d rate myself a 3/5 this week. I made careless mistakes on my homework and struggled with the Clab, but I got it done. I studied hard for the test, but I was really tired so I’m not sure how I did. Thankfully it’s spring break now !!

  13. I struggled with di poles and keeping my brain functioning the week before spring break. I feel like I did a pretty good job on the test though.

  14. I forgot if I left a web post… better safe than sorry. This week was good because the test seemed to have gone okay. Have a good break everybody!

  15. The last few weeks of this quarter have been the most frustrating time. I’m not confident in how I’ve performed and I know I could do better. I wish to rest up during spring break and come back better than ever.

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