3 thoughts on “Physics 9-5-17 Don’t Hit the Deer! … Acceleration Problems

  1. This week in Physics was a short one. Although we only were there for two days, the amount of work we did made it feel like a whole week! We continued to work on these acceleration and velocity problems so that we would feel more comfortable doing them. I have gotten much better at these math heavy problems this week. I still feel a little uncertain about the many little mistakes I could make, but I feel more confident about the problems as a whole! I can’t wait to do the thLab that is assigned this weekend, it seems like it will be very interesting! I will be sure to study hard for our test next week!

  2. This week in Physics, I would rate myself a 3 out of 5 stars. Even though this week was short, we finished the chapter and worked on velocity and acceleration problems. The problems are still challenging, but I know that if I practice the problems over and over, I will eventually get the hang of it. This weekend, I will work on the problems that are the most challenging, and I will begin to study for our test on Wednesday!

  3. This week in physics was short but I feel that I still learned a lot. I would have to rate myself a 3/5 for the week because I was still struggling with some of the problems but I feel like I’m getting better better as we go on. One triumph this week was that I got a free fall problem right before we went over it in class. This week was good but I’m ready for next week.

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