8 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-16-17 Gas Laws

  1. This week I’ve been struggling in chemistry because I missed Monday and I didn’t retain much on Tuesday either. Even though I’ve watched the vodcasts, I’m still a little behind. However, though I was still partly sick today, my lab partner and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously with the hot air balloon exercise. I believe that was not only a fun activity but a crucial learning point for the gas density laws.

  2. This week in Chemistry, I would rate myself a 4/5 stars. I made sure that I took good notes on the new material that we learned in class. I have enjoyed all of the activities we have been doing also! I am kind of sad about almost being done with Chemistry! I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly! I am going to study really hard for the exam and hopefully do well!

  3. This week in chemistry we have been learning about gas laws and doing some activities to understand them. We also have started to work on our exam review this week. I will be working on the review a little each night so that I’ll be ready for the exam next week.

  4. I would rate myself 4/5 this week. I felt like I got a good start on the exam study guide, but I still have more to finish.

  5. This week I have been trying to pull up my grades for the upcoming exam and I am happy with where I am now. I have enjoyed the unique activities throughout this week. Not only will they help give me more good grades to fall back on, but they were very fun. I will miss Chemistry and how it has prepared me for the future; But mostly I will miss Ms. Skinner, who has never failed to encourage me and show that she truly wants us to thrive academically and spiritually. I would give this school year 5/5 stars.

  6. I would say that i have done pretty good this week. i have been doing well on the labs and what we have done in class. I have been working on the study guide but I still have a lot of preparation to do before the exam.

  7. this week I felt pretty good. I had a lot of fun doing each activity in class and learning the differences in acids and bases. I feel good about the exam review so far. I haven’t gotten to a part where I’m stuck or don’t remember learning it at all. id rate myself a 4/5.

  8. This week I struggled with the exam review. It was hard to get organized because I could not find most of the notes and did not understand what i wrote down on my notes. However, once I found them it was much easier to do the word problems and examples. I am also struggling with the memorization of everything on the review. It is very overwhelming. memorizing one section at a time is helping me rather than memorizing all at once. It was a great year full of hard material but i learned a lot!!!!

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